PRO€INVEST Programme
PRO€INVEST is an EU-ACP (Africa, Caribbean, Pacific) programme for the promotion of investment and technology flows in the ACP countries. The development of private sector in the ACP countries is recognised to be the optimal route for employment generation and related poverty reduction.
The objectives of the programme are as follows: 
  • Institutional strengthening of ACP intermediary organisations
  • Supporting regional and multilateral interventions aiming at investment promotion in ACP countries
  • Implementing a knowledge centre at the heart of a virtual community e.g. on best practices, to set up thematic networks, to conceive common projects and to facilitate access to various instruments of public sector development for the ACP
With a total budget of €110 million over 7 years, PRO€INVEST is financed under the 8th European Development Fund (EDF).
Deadline for applications was the 7th of March 2010.
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