Interreg IVB North Sea Region Programme
The overall aim of the North Sea Region Programme is to make the North Sea region a better place to live, work and invest in. The emphasis is on stimulating transnational cooperation in ways that will provide tangible benefits to the areas concerned and the Region as a whole.
The programme has the following four objectives:
  • To Increase the overall level of innovation taking place across the North Sea Region
  • To enhance the quality of the environment in the North Sea Region,
  • To improve the accessibility of places in the North Sea Region,
  • To deliver sustainable and competitive communities.
The programme co-finances projects in fields of:
  • Building on our capacity for innovation
  • Promoting the sustainable management of our environment
  • Improving the accessibility of places in the NSR
  • Promoting sustainable and competitive communities
The grant rate for project partners from the programme regions in Denmark, Flanders, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden and U.K. is 50%. UPDATE: The grant rate for Norwegian project partners used to be 30%. It has now been raised to 50%.
The 5th call for applications will be open from the 1st of March till the 7th of April.
For useful information concerning program criteria and details,