Intelligent Energy - Europe


The Intelligent Energy – Europe programme is run by the Executive Agency for Competitiveness and Innovation (EACI) on behalf of the European Commission, and seeks to bridge the gap between EU policies and how they impact on the ground. The main interest field of the program is innovative and sustainable energy solutions, IEE is working towards the 2020 targets. In mid-2008, the EACI managed more than 400 IEE projects and the establishment of 60 new local or regional energy agencies has been supported by the programme. IEE-funded initiatives also include the ManagEnergy Initiative and the Sustainable Energy Europe Campaign.
The program has a total budget of €730 million running from 2007-2013.
The 2010 calls will mainly focus on projects in the following areas:
  • Creating and spreading effective methods and best practice
  • Training and education
  • Know-how transfer
  • Market intelligence
  • Inform policy development and implementation
This year €56 million will go to support “promotion and dissemination projects”
(up to 75% of the eligible project costs) and €15 million for the “ELENA” facility of the European Investment Bank - to support Market Replication Projects.
IEE defines a “promotion and dissemination project” as a project which:
  • Helps deliver the key EU climate change and energy objectives
  • Matches the priorities of the IEE Work Programme 2010
  • Involves at least 3 partners from different countries
  • Takes 2 to maximum 3 years to deliver
  • Is not a “hardware” type investment or research & development project!
The actors can apply the program:
  • Any public or private organisation established in the EU, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Croatia
  • International organisations
  • Individuals cannot apply
The Call is now open. The deadline for applications is 24. June.