Study: State of the Offshore Wind Industry in Northern Europe

The past decade has seen the realisation of the first large-scale commercial offshore wind farms. As of 2010, 3 GW of installed capacity has been commissioned and numerous lessons have been learnt; however the true growth of the industry still lies ahead. The sum of national targets for the North Sea countries will exceed 35 GW of offshore wind capacity by 2020. The offshore wind sector is considered to be fundamental to the achievement of renewable energy targets in EU countries.

The POWER cluster aims to tackle crucial challenges for the further development of offshore wind in Northern Europe by cooperating beyond borders and sector barriers. The POWER cluster has commissioned Ecofys to analyse the current state of the offshore wind industry in Northern Europe. This report is a literature and industry review that includes lessons learnt over the past decade, the issues that the industry currently faces and the requirements necessary for further development. It is intended for both public and private audiences and presents the opportunities and challenges that exist in offshore wind energy today.

Read the report here - "State of the Offshore Wind Industry in Northern Europe: Lessons Learnt in the First Decade" (PDF, 8 MB)