WP3: Skills
There is and will be a lack of wind energy educated people. This is valid for all kind of personnel from service technicians to master/Phd-level. In several of the countries around the North Sea there are very few or none courses that deal with wind power and especially offshore wind power. The WP3 will adapt and prepare the skills and qualifications of the NSR workforce to the needs of OWE industry.
The specific objectives of WP 3 are to tackle the problem of missing specialists (e.g. technicians and engineers). Promote career paths & opportunities to young employees, pupils and students. Develop new career paths to OWE (academic and vocational level). And to investigate the available educations and courses regarding OWE and develop new courses where they are needed.
Specific WP3 objectives are:
  • Developing strategies to tackle workforce shortages due to demographic change transformation and migration
  • Broadening the range of further and higher education opportunities, including modules for BSc and/or MSc programmes
  • Raising the awareness of offshore wind energy careers among teachers and students
  • Addressing the shortage of technicians and common training standards
  • Promoting qualification pathways
For further information please contact: skills@power-cluster.net