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Overview of Renewable Energy in North East England

Within the area, renewables already supply around 1.6% of the total electricity supply, a proportion that will grow significantly over the coming years.

The Regional Economic Strategy identifies energy and related industries as the single most important contributor to the achievement of regional targets, with the initial estimate of £2bn additional contribution from the sector to North East England’s economy now being revised upwards. The low carbon technology sector is making a considerable contribution to this figure.

We have an international reputation as a centre for innovation, science and design and a history of supporting companies in their growth and development.

North East England is investing heavily in low carbon technology infrastructure by developing skills and facilitating a world class academic and research environment that feeds into a dynamic commercial environment. This is already attracting considerable inward investment, creating opportunities for spin-out companies and start-ups to achieve growth through the development of new products and new markets.

Part of North East England’s strength comes from our foresight in providing easy access to specialised expertise through advanced knowledge networks and research institutes which include Centres for Excellence for the commercialisation of science and technology in the renewables and low carbon sector.

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